Housters 6.4 Mobile & 6.5 Website Releases

The 6.4 release of Housters has been published to the Android Google Play Store and iOS App Store. This release focused on offering different ways to save on your Housters subscription. At certain times of the year, we will be offering discount promotions for new users signing up for Housters. For existing users, a new billing discounts screen was added where users can perform certain actions, e.g. rate Housters on a certain platform, in exchange for a one-time discount.

Release notes below…

  • We’re now giving away 10% of profits to charity!
  • We will be running promos multiples times per year offering discounts on Housters subscriptions
  • A new billing discounts screen has been added offering credits on Housters billing (Web & Android only)
  • Public screens redesigned to make it easier to see what Housters supports for each of the four roles: Landlord, Property Manager, Tenant, and Contractor
  • Signup user flow improvements while adding Landlords, Properties, and Tenants
  • The Property List, Tenant List, Transaction List, To-Do List, and Vendor List screens now have quick actions available from the vertical ellipsis in the top right of each screen
  • Add Landlord form now shows a payment schedule preview (Property Managers only)
  • Add Landlord form now asks if you want to add old payment transactions (Property Managers only)
  • New Landlord alerts added: Landlord Active Contract, Landlord Contract Ending, Landlord Late on Payment, Landlord Subuser Invites (Property Managers only)
  • Alerts are now cleared from app badge counts immediately after viewing alerts, you don’t have to dismiss the alerts manually
  • Various bug fixes

Not to be outdone, Housters 6.5 has been released on This released focused on improving the Task Management section by more tightly integrating Vendors, To-Do’s, and Transactions. One improvement is that now when adding a Transaction, you can select which To-Do it was for (e.g. I paid my handyman Contractor $1,000 for replacing the water heater.) This then allows Housters to track how much money was actually spent on each To-Do and compare it to the Estimated Cost inputted. Another major improvement is that now there is a new dashboard screen for each Vendor, which shows vendor details, payment statuses and invoices, online payments, notes, and more.

Release notes below…

  • Vendors now have their own Dashboard, linked to from the Vendors List. The Vendor Dashboard shows details about the Vendor, money owed to and from the Vendor, Online Payments, Notes, and more…
  • Under each Vendor you can now view Transactions, To-Do’s, and Invoices associated to that Vendor.
  • Add/Edit Vendor Form > Improved the intuitiveness of the form.
  • Add/Edit Transaction Form > Allowed associating an expense Transaction line to a To-Do.
  • Add/Edit To-Do Form > Removed Paid Vendor, Actual Cost, and Save Transaction fields.
  • To-Do List and Add/Edit To-Do form > Now shows To-Do’s actual cost as the sum of expense Transaction lines associated to that To-Do.
  • To-Do List Report > Updated to show actual costs from Transactions.
  • Vendor Report > Added brand new report for viewing payments (expense Transactions) by Vendor, with To-Do information. This could be used for a 1099.
  • On Vendor subuser’s dashboard, we now show a summary of payment Transactions by client (for this year, last year, etc…) (Contractors only)
  • Various bug fixes.

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