Housters 3.2 Release

The 3.2 release of Housters is now up on and will make it to the Google Play Store and iOS App Store in the upcoming days.

We have spent a lot on a new feature called “Subusers”, which allows you to invite other people to use Housters and interact with you. Previously you could already invite tenants to Housters, which would allow them to pay their rent and submit service/repair requests. You could also invite assign to-do list tasks to contacts and then invite them to Housters to view and update those tasks. Now you can also invite other landlords or property managers and pick which properties they can manage. They will have full rights to view, update, and delete the data for these properties, just like you can. We’ve also created a new Subusers screen where you can view the list of everyone you’ve invited to Housters and revoke access.

**Release Notes:**

– Ability to invite other landlords or property managers to use Housters and have access to your data
– Manage list of subusers (landlords, property managers, tenants, and contacts)
– Can now choose whether you’re a landlord or property manager
– Specify multiple days of the month that rent is due
– Enter negative amounts for transactions
– Customize which email addresses alerts should be sent to
– Bug fixes

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