Housters 3.4 Release

The 3.4 release of Housters is now up on and will make it to the Google Play Store and iOS App Store in the upcoming days.

The major change you’ll notice is that now when you add a transaction (whether you’re in simple or double-entry accounting mode) you can input multiple transaction lines, where each line must include a type and amount and can optionally include a property and tenant. For example if you deposited 10 rent checks all at once in your bank account, you can now add one transaction and add 10 lines, specifying the individual amounts and which tenant each amount was for. This also plays in well with the new mortgage payment functionality, as you can log your mortgage payment principal, interest, and escrow amounts all within the same transaction.

Note: If you had enabled double-entry accounting mode, you could already input multiple types and amounts for one transaction, however you couldn’t input multiple properties / tenants in one transaction (now you can). Simple entry mode now has the same ability, without having to worry about whether each transaction line is a debit or credit.

See the full release notes below with all of the changes, enjoy!

**Website Release Notes:**

– Allow multiple transaction lines (types, amounts, properties, tenants) in one transaction, even in simple entry mode.
– Improved filtering, searching, and paging of mint import transactions.
– Be able to enter a date when logging payments through the tenant actions popup.
– Click on photo thumbnail to display bigger photo in popup.
– Display rent paid through date rather than rent due date.
– Improved format of reports exported to PDF.
– Save uploaded photos in correct orientation.
– Factor in late fees and adjustments into the Rent History Report.
– Bug fixes.

**Mobile Release Notes:**

– Track applicants in the app, and easily switch them to being a full tenant!
– Transactions can now have multiple lines. So if you deposit multiple checks, you can really easily track who paid their rent!
– Quickly compose text messages to your tenants reminding them to pay their rent, or notifying them they are overdue.
– Properties and transaction types can now be sorted. [iOS Only]
– “Tenant Actions” (the easiest way to mark rent paid, add a late fee, and more) now lets you specify a date for the action.
– “Rent Due” is now “Rent Paid Through”, to make it easier to understand.
– From a property or tenant’s transactions list, you can quickly “Add Mortgage Payment” or “Add Rent Payment”.
– Some bug fixes.

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