Housters 3.5 Release

The 3.5 release of Housters is now up on and will make it to the Google Play Store and iOS App Store in the upcoming days.

We’re excited to announce that in this release, we have added fully integrated support for tenants making rent payments to their landlords or property managers. Simply login and go to Tenants > Collect Rent, which will walk you through the process of setting up your bank account that will receive the rent payments. Then you can invite your tenants to Housters, which will allow them to login to Housters and setup their bank account as well. After that they can begin making rent payments to you, a service that is free to you and has a small transfer fee for the tenant. The perk of getting your tenants to use our rent payment service is that it will automatically add their rent payment as a transaction for you, updating their unpaid rent.

**Website Release Notes:**

– Support for tenants making online rent payments through Housters is back with a completely new and improved user experience
– Homepage and features pages redesigned
– Prettier dashboard charts
– Performance improvements
– Handle pro-rated rent for last month of lease
– Specify late fee amount as a percentage of the unpaid rent
– New To-Do List Report
– Charts added to certain reports
– Don’t alert about mortgage info not being entered if property is fully paid for
– 3 and 4 month alert reminder options added
– Bug fixes

**Mobile Release Notes:**

– Tenants making online rent payments through Housters is back with a completely new and improved experience.
– Summary now shows your mortgage principal paid.
– The new user screen better explains what Housters does for you.
– Added 3 and 4 month alert reminder options.
– Plus various bug fixes and performance improvements.

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