Housters 3.8 Release

Housters 3.8 is now live on and will soon be in the iOS and Google Play Stores! Check out the release notes below…

Release notes:
– Allow tenants to sign up for Housters and then invite their landlord or property manager
– Tenants can now set up recurring rent payments
– Allow contractors (contacts) to sign up for Housters and then invite their client landlords and property managers
– Contractors can now create to-do’s and specify which client landlord or property manager they are for
– When adding/editing a tenant or lease, specify whether we should pro-rate the rent amount for the first or last month
– Improve the rent payment set up process
– Display which transactions were generated by a recurring transaction
– Added new notes field when adding or editing a property
– Resolve issues with international dates and zip codes
– Bug fixes

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