Housters 3.9 Release

Housters 3.9 is live onĀ, Android and iOS releases will be out soon.

Release Notes:
– New Trips section allows you to log mileage.
– Collect Rent screen can now send invoices to tenants regardless of whether the landlord / property manager accepts online rent payments or not. New invoices contain amount requested, due date, payment instructions, and optional message from landlord / property manager.
– Can set up recurring invoices from Collect Rent screen, so that tenants are auto-emailed the invoice a certain number of days before rent is due.
– When creating a tenant, can create a recurring Rent Payment transaction that will log their rent automatically every day that it is due.
– Added new to-do fields: Estimated Cost, Actual Cost, and Paid Contractor.
– Sort to-do list by due date by default, and allow filtering by due date range.
– Don’t show mortgage-related sections to property managers. Now landlords and property managers can toggle this setting on or off from preferences.
– Allow landlords and property managers to send refunds back to tenants.
– Added a new Before Rent Due Date filter to the Rent Status by Tenant report.
– Can now upload photos as documents.
– When importing transactions and adding multiple lines, show totals and auto-update first line’s amount as you specify other lines’ amounts.
– Change site colors for property managers, tenants, and contractors.
– Bug fixes

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