Housters 4.0 Release

Housters 4.0 is live onĀ, Android and iOS releases will soon be available in the app stores.

Release Notes:
– Allow property managers to add landlords and assign to properties
– Update property manager signup flow to add landlords, properties, then tenants
– Add options for quickly adding property management fees for property managers
– Make adding tenants more intuitive in regards to how lease terms, expected rent, actual rent, and unpaid rent work
– When adding tenants, provide manual and automatic options for logging old rent payments (back to lease start date)
– Show all common tenant actions (charge late fee, log rent payment, etc…) as links on the tenant summary screen
– Allow landlords / property managers to opt in for paying the rent payment transfer fees themselves, rather than the tenants paying them
– On Collect Rent screen, show when last invoice was sent to tenant
– When deleting a recurring transaction, ask if they want to delete all transactions generated by that recurring transaction
– Allow adding notes to tenant leases
– Allow tenants to set a date for recurring rent payments to end

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