Housters 4.4 Release

Housters 4.4 is live onĀ, with the mobile apps soon to follow!

Release notes:

– Allow quick add/edit of to-do’s
– The transaction list now has a “Load More” button at the bottom, which will expand the date range
– Attach not just images but also PDF’s to transactions
– When adding/editing a property, allow saving old mortgage payment transactions based on amortization schedule
– Landlords and property managers can now add multiple bank accounts, then pick which should receive rent payments for each tenant
– Consolidate Gross Income and Operating Costs Reports into a single Net Operating Income Report
– Allow filtering reports by landlord when in Property Manager role
– Show report filters when exporting to PDF or Excel
– Show price range labels at bottom of Gross Income vs.Operating Costs chart on dashboard
– International users can set their currency and date formats while signing up
– Added Norwegian currency support
– Various bug fixes

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