Housters 4.5 Release

The Housters 4.5 release is now live onĀ, with the mobile apps soon to follow! The big change in this release is that Housters has become more unit-centric, whereas before everything was only assignable to tenants. Before if you had a vacant unit in a multifamily property, there was no way to log an expense or a to-do for that unit, but now you can.

Release Notes:
– Added ability to assign transactions and to-do’s directly to units, even if no tenant in unit
– Filter by unit in transaction list, to-do list, and relevant reports
– Can now assign a tenant to multiple units in a property
– When updating a to-do and marking that a payment was made to the vendor, ask if they want to save a vendor payment transaction
– The Tenant Action for logging rent paid now asks if you want to send a rent receipt
– Improved rent calculations when multiple leases
– Added Saudi currency
– Various bug fixes

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