Housters 5.1 Release

Housters 5.1 is LIVE onĀ! This is a big one… A lot of the major features that you all were asking for have been implemented, such as a new help section, multiple tenants in one unit support, and enhancements to invoices, security deposits, and property managers. Please note, these changes are ONLY on the website, the mobile apps will be updated in the next few weeks.

Website Release Notes:

– New help section that explains how Housters features work, such as invoices, dashboard summary figures, and property mortgages.
– Property mortgage payments are now much more intuitive, so that Housters can calculate the correct principal / interest amounts for you.
– Support for multiple residents in the same property / unit, either under one lease or separate leases.
– Can now send tenants payment receipts for security deposits.
– Show the update invoices option when logging a security deposit payment transaction, so that deposit invoices stay in sync with deposit transactions.
– Show amount still due for each invoice in list.
– Filter invoice list by date range, added load more button at bottom to view older invoices.
– When logging rent payment transaction and use invoices is yes, if amount is more than existing invoice amounts due, auto-generate next invoice and update its amount paid so that tenant shows as overpaid.
– When enabling auto-generated invoices, be able to input the description that will go in the auto-generated invoices.
– Dashboard widgets now have their heights adjusted better, so less ugly scrollbars.
– Fixed dashboard notes to save correctly.
– Fix issue with message template logo being removed if you save the form without uploading a new logo.
– Enhanced mobile app security.
– Various bug fixes.

Property Management Enhancements:

– Can now send payment receipts to landlords.
– When logging a property management payment transaction, there is now an update invoices option to keep invoices in sync with transactions.
– New landlord actions popup, to quickly log payments, increase payment due, or decrease payment due.
– Ability to deactivate old landlord clients so they no longer show in landlord lists.

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