Housters 5.0 Release

Housters 5.0 has been released! This is a big one… As long as Housters has existed, we’ve been getting a ton of questions about “why does my tenant show this unpaid rent amount”? The answer involved figuring out how much the tenant was expected to pay (based on their lease terms and tenant adjustments for late fees / rent discounts), how much they actually paid (based on their rent payment transactions), and how much was left to pay (the difference between the two.)

Now we’ve made this much easier by introducing the concept of invoices. Invoices allow you to define when rent is due and when it is paid. The amount of rent due will simply be the outstanding balances on any open invoices. Once an invoice is paid in full or closed, it will no longer impact the tenant’s unpaid rent. To automate this, when setting up a tenant’s lease, you can have it auto-generate invoices for the amounts due based on their lease terms. Tenant adjustments no longer exist, any late fee can be charged by creating a new invoice or increasing the amount due on an existing one, and a rent discount can be applied by decreasing the amount due on an existing invoice.

As this is a big change, feel free to reach out if you have any confusion with the new system. I’m sure there will be some growing pains, but this will greatly simplify things in the future.

Release notes for website:
– Rent expected and due from tenants is now based off of invoices, which can be auto-generated based on lease terms of manually created
– Form enhancements
– Added support for Pakistani currency
– Can now filter the To-Do List Report by vendor
– Subuser improvements: default date and currency formats to that of the user who invited them, call your landlord option on tenant dashboard, upload photos with service/repair requests, share documents with tenant subusers
– Control which features a subuser can see and use, e.g. rent status, submit service/repair requests, etc…

Release notes for mobile:
– Added support for iOS 11 and the iPhone X!
– Invoices! We’ve made it easier to see how much tenants and landlords owe
– We’ve made subusers easier to understand and use, and given you more control over what they can see and do
– When tenants submit requests, they can now attach photos
– In the Preferences form, landlords can choose to add their phone number, which we’ll show to tenants in the app
– Add CCs when contacting tenants via the app

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