Housters 5.3 Release

Good news! Housters version 5.3 has been released on the website and will make its way to the mobile apps soon. This release focuses on making it easier to keep your invoices in sync with your payment transactions, as well as more powerful customizations for auto-generated mortgage payment transactions. Let us know what you think…

Release Notes:
– When adding or editing an invoice and inputting an amount paid, prompt to add a rent / deposit payment transaction automatically
– When adding a rent or deposit payment transaction, if Update Invoices is on then show preview of the invoices to be updated and the new tenant rent status
– When editing a rent or deposit payment transaction and increasing the amount, prompt to update invoices
– Allow sending rent or deposit payment receipt when editing a transaction, not just on add
– Transaction imports from Mint and Excel now support the Update Invoices and Send Payment Receipt options
– Property’s auto-saved mortgage payment transactions can now be fully customized in terms of which transaction types to use for principal, interest, pmi, and escrow amounts
– Support bi-weekly mortgage payment terms
– On the transaction list, there is a new option for duplicating a transaction
– Changed verbiage of property modes to Single Unit and Multi Unit so it makes sense for both Residential and Commercial properties
– In user preferences there is now a setting for whether or not to auto-save an expense transaction for the Housters monthly billing
– Trips are now restricted by the Manager subuser’s Accounting permission
– Add link to tenant background screening order to top menu
– Various bug fixes

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