Housters 5.4 Release

Housters 5.4 is here! This release was all about making it easier to keep your invoices and rent payment transactions in sync. We have also introduced a new landlord subuser account type that can be invited by property managers. Enjoy!

Release Notes:
– Implemented better ways to keep invoices and rent payment transactions in sync when adding, editing, and deleting invoices and rent payment transactions
– New landlord subuser type that property managers can invite to Housters┬áto view their reports, tenant rent statuses, to-do lists, etc…
– Added new ways for property managers to keep their landlord invoices and property management fee payment transactions in sync
– Can now add up to 10 property photos
– Allow mass deleting transactions
– Fixed paid through date calculations
– Added Peruvian currency support
– Various bug fixes

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