Online payment support has finally made it to Housters!

Online payment support has finally made it to Housters!!! The 6.0 release is live on, which adds support for sending bank (ACH) payments for various payment flows via our new payment processor, Rotessa.

Supported payment flows:
– Tenants to landlords/property managers
– Property managers to landlord clients
– Landlord clients to property managers
– Landlords/property managers to vendors

To get started with receiving online payments through Housters, go to the Online Payment Settings page ( and follow the instructions to set up an account with Rotessa. Their monthly fees for processing payments can be found on Note that by signing up for Rotessa through Housters, you will get a 30% discount on their fees. For example, if you have 5 tenants paying you rent monthly through Rotessa, the fee will be $6.30 per month ($1.26 per rent payment.)

Once your Housters account is set up for receiving online payments, you can invite your subusers (e.g. tenants) to log in to Housters so they can set up their account for sending payments to you. Both one-time payments and recurring payments are supported. For tenant rent payments, once they settle Housters will automatically generate a rent payment transaction and update the tenant’s rent status in your Housters account. Sending online payments is free for the sender.

Please note that online payments are ONLY supported in the USA and Canada. If Rotessa adds support for more countries in the future then we will obviously open this up in Housters as well.

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