Housters 5.9 Release

Housters 5.9 is LIVE, both on as well as the App Store and Google Play Store!!! This was a major release that primarily focused on enhancing the invoicing feature. Previously, a landlord or property manager could invoice a tenant subuser, and a property manager could invoice a landlord subuser. Now a tenant subuser can invoice their landlord or property manager, a landlord subuser can invoice their property manager, a landlord or property manager can invoice their vendor subuser, and a vendor subuser can invoice their landlords and property managers.

Full Release Notes:
– New invoicing feature between vendors and landlords / property managers.
– Enhance existing invoicing between landlords / property managers and tenants to allow tenants to send invoices too.
– Enhance existing invoicing between property managers and landlords to allow landlords to send invoices too.
– Improve design of invoice PDFs.
– Allow branding the invoice PDFs.
– Allow auto-sending invoices not just before but also after a payment is due.
– Allow adding adjustments to closed invoices.
– Add more options to the Add button dropdowns at the top of the list screens.
– Make applicants section more accessible in navigation.
– Make tenant / applicant background checks more visible.
– Update getting started widgets to include all of the latest and greatest features.
– Improve UX when deactivating properties.
– Various bug fixes.

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