Housters 4.6 Release

Housters 4.6 is now live! You asked for the ability to customize the emails to your tenants, and now you can… We’ve created custom templates for each message type (invite tenant, invite vendor, etc…) that you can modify however you want, including the logo at the top and the links at the bottom. The send rent request email can optionally include a PDF attachment with an invoice. Similarly, the send rent receipt email can optionally include a PDF attachment with a receipt.┬áLastly, we now track all history of messages that you sent to tenants in a new Message History Report.

Full Release Notes:
– Fully customize your email communications (invite subuser, send rent invoice to tenant, send rent receipt to tenant, and contact tenant) by uploading your own logo and using our custom message templates and insertable values
– The send rent receipt to tenant and send rent invoice to tenant emails now include PDF attachments
– The send rent receipt to tenant email now includes the balance owed by default
– Track history of messages sent and then run a report for a given tenant, property, or date range
– Assign vendors to transaction lines, then filter by vendor on the General Ledger report
– Many improvements to Transaction Reconciliations: New dropdown for viewing previously posted reconciliations, delete previously posted reconciliations, bring over unreconciled transactions to the next statement, create statements that are for a partial month, show which transactions are reconciled on the Transaction List, filter the General Ledger report to only show reconciled or unreconciled transactions
– Projections improvements: Handle scenario where the property doesn’t have a mortgage, added a new field for up front improvements, added a new field for utilities expenses
– Help tips no longer make the screens jump around
– The Excel Import now supports transaction type, property name, and tenant name columns
– Various bug fixes

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