Housters 4.7 Release

I’m excited to announce the release of Housters 4.7! This release has major updates for our property managers, such as a new landlord dashboard, contract terms for each landlord, and an easy calculator of property management fees due. In a follow up release we’ll be working on splitting your accounting / reporting based on which properties you manage and which you own, and whether you’re viewing on behalf of the landlord or for yourself (the property manager.)

Some other notable enhancements are support of adding multiple notes for a property, tenant, or landlord, and the ability to create custom message templates to leverage on the Contact Tenants screen.

Full release notes:
– Set up contract terms per landlord, easily calculate the property management fees due per property or landlord, and make adjustments to the fees due (property managers only)
– New Landlord dashboard screen (property managers only)
– Allow associating transactions directly to landlords (property managers only)
– New Landlord Payment History Report (property managers only)
– Associate property management contract to a landlord (property managers only)
– Support for adding multiple transaction types that can be counted towards rent payments, security deposit payments, or mortgage principal payments
– Create multiple custom message templates to use on the Contact Tenants screen
– Add multiple notes per property, tenant, or landlord
– Display tenants with unpaid security deposits on main and property dashboards
– New Occupancy Report that shows the occupancy rate of your properties over a date range
– Improved navigation menu
– When defining a property’s mortgage terms, be able to set a total escrow amount instead of having to specify the individual insurance and tax amounts
– When showing a tenant’s next payment date, factor in if they’ve overpaid
– Display automated tenant late fees and property auto-saved mortgage payments in the Recurring Transactions section
– When auto-saving property mortgage payment transactions, generate a new liability transaction type for each property
– Various bug fixes

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