Housters 4.8 Release

Housters 4.8 is live onĀ! This is another release focused primarily on our property managers, making it easier for them to track the property management fees that they’re owed, or to track how much rent they need to send on to landlords (depending on who receives rent from the tenants.)

Full release notes:

– Track property management fees owed or rent that needs to be passed on to landlord correctly, based on who receives rent from tenants (property managers only)
– Filter transaction list by landlord (property managers only)
– Show landlords with unpaid property management fees on main dashboard (property managers only)
– Show unpaid property management fees on property list (property managers only)
– When adding a landlord, be able to upload a property management contract document (property managers only)
– Show unpaid security deposits on property list
– Be able to associate vendors to certain properties
– Log extra mortgage principal payments as transactions instead of on add/edit property form
– Track all form submission history for auditing purposes
– When inviting a landlord or property manager subuser, choose whether they can view data not assigned to any property
– Email user when important account info changes
– Various bug fixes

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