Housters 4.9 Release

Housters 4.9 has been released! This is a big one… Improved navigation and customizable dashboards on the website, a new accounting mode that allows you to specify where the money came from or went to for each transaction (without knowing your debits and credits), form enhancements, and more!

Full Release Notes:
– Improved navigation (website only).
– Can customize the widgets on the main, property, and tenant dashboards (website only).
– New getting started widget on the main dashboard, which shows your progress in getting your account set up.
– New to-do list widget on dashboards.
– New accounting mode options: Single-Entry: Input what the transaction is, such as a rent payment or a repair. Double-Entry: Also input where the money came from or went to, such as a bank account or credit card. Advanced Double-Entry: Input all debits and credits for the transaction.
– Form enhancements to allow locking form manually or after signing.
– If no property photo uploaded, show street view image.
– Regenerate old mortgage payment transactions for a property (based on amortization schedule) from the edit property form.
– CC others when sending messages to tenants.
– New Balance Sheet Report.
– New Projections Report.
– Be able to customize the logo that shows on the top of reports.
– When inviting subusers to share account with, set their role to the same as the master account.
– Various bug fixes.

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