Housters 5.8 Release

Exciting news!! Housters 5.8, which is a website only release, is now LIVE on This release includes a major redesign of the list screens as well as much more extensive displaying of icons and thumbnails for things like properties, tenants, and transactions. Also included are many features that you all requested, such as daily auto-generation of late fees, customizable vendor types, and being able to associate documents to applicants. Enjoy!

Release notes:
– Redesigned all list screens to better organize the data.
– Display thumbnails next to all properties, tenants, etc…
– Renamed the Collect Rent screen to “Send Invoice”, to better represent what it does.
– Created a new Send Invoice screen for property managers to invoice their landlord clients.
– On the invoice screen, show whether each invoice has been emailed to the tenant or landlord client or not. Clicking on it links to the Send Invoice screen with the appropriate invoice auto-selected.
– Show alert on top of dashboard about using the Taxable Income Report to help with filing taxes.
– Configure auto-generating late fee invoice adjustments each day after rent is due.
– Vendor subusers can now be alerted as to-do list tasks are approaching their due dates.
– The vendor types are no longer hard-coded, you can customize the types.
– Allow associating applicants to documents, e.g. for application documents.
– Add new report option for whether or not to include images.
– Various bug fixes.

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